Excellent read. I enjoyed it. Does no one find it odd that making a derogatory term like "Karen" with the purpose to label certain people is the very problem that the "anti-Karen" mob decries? It's bigoted, entitled to judgment and minimizing the humanity of another human being, and flat out immature. It's just...so...painfully obvious to me, and I'm not the sharpest tack in the box. Bottom-line for me is that the "Karen" trope really is referring to individual and systemic narcissism. A lot of times it's used improperly to describe a destructive narcissistic grandiosity. Narcissists can invoke the "Karen" trope when violating the boundaries of a person attempting to assert those boundaries and establish or regain individuality. It's dangerous. Narcissists are dangerous. We miss opportunities when we misidentify something dangerous. Let's identify narcissists for who they are. It's intelligent. It's specific. It's less Sharks vs. Jets and more in support of remedying a public mental health crisis.



Self-Enrichment Educator. Narcissistic and Spiritual Abuse Awareness Advocate.

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